David Kimball – “Block O’ Wood” Custom Furniture

The table that started it all - "Charlee's Table - made for my wife to her specifications ... With Love!

The table that started it all – “Charlee’s Table – made for my wife to her specifications … With Love!

At Block O’ Wood, I make a one of a kind table. Each piece of furniture starts with me hand selecting the wood. I use white oak, red oak, cherry, or old growth pine from here in Arkansas. The wood is dried in my wood kiln, then planed and cut to dimension. All assembly is done using hardwood dowel pins. I do not use any particle board, or nails, or laminated wood. All tables are solid wood and a classic style that goes in any decor.

Boards are hand stained. The top surface is not a single piece of wood, but made from separate hand stained boards. My wife and I make our own stains, so we can work with you to develop a custom color or colors for your table.

Everything Tastes Better At The Lake!

Everything Tastes Better At The Lake!

Each board absorbs the stain differently, and this gives the table an individual quality that will never be copied. Your table will be a one of a kind piece that is a work of art to be handed down through generations.

Let me make a table especially for you.

You can also find information about David’s custom furniture on his website (http://blockowood.com) or on the Ouachita Artists website (http://www.ouachitaartists.com/artists/david-kimball-woodworker/), and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/blockowood)

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A Look At New Items In Our Store – January 2015

In addition to our “day jobs” creating top-quality canvas and fabric items for your home, boat, camper, furniture, and so forth, we continue to enjoy bringing to you a variety of art and practical items in our Joplin Store.

Here’s an update on some of the new things you can find in our store. Click on an image for a larger view.

Ceramic Wall Hangings

In this new selection of wall hangings, I am working with a new selection of colors, and I am using driftwood, crystals, linen threads, and silver wire, and I am bringing other aspects of our beautiful surroundings into my work. These pieces may be used in or outside.

The “Natural State”

I started making various sizes of our wonderful state for special orders. In each of those items, I have highlighted various resorts, Lake Ouachita, farming areas, and home towns. Now I am getting requests for other states from customers. Funny how some things get started.

Tables by David Kimball

These incredible tables are created by David and Charlee Kimball. The tables are created from from wood David cuts and drys in his own kiln. The couple meticulously creates these stunning pieces of art. From lettering, staining, and construction, they are really something.

Oil Paintings by Gigi Buhrow

Some oil paintings from Gigi Buhrow. Gigi lives in Hot Springs but spends many hours on Lake Ouachita, enjoying sun rises and sunsets. She has a great love of painting goats. They really speak to her with their sweet quirky faces.

Odds and Ends

We also offer some decorative items in our store that are not locally made. This assortment is always changing so stop by from time to time to see what wonderful new items we have.

Jan’s Ceramics

A selection of my decorative and functional ceramics is always on hand and is always changing. All of these pieces are high fired and can be used as serving pieces, vases, platters, etc., or just for décor. I hand form the pieces in a free form way, and they usually take their own shape. I find this is a very relaxing and enjoyable way to work, compared with my day job of following patterns and being precise about every project.

Knives from Mike’s Collection

We have an ever-changing selection of custom made, new, and vintage knives. The prices are all over, so there is something for everyone.

Come See David Kimball’s “Block O’ Wood” Custom Furniture

Black Dog Design has added a new artist to the work displayed in our store.  Come by to see examples of the custom furniture local Montgomery County resident David Kimball is building.

David builds very interesting and sturdy tables and stools to your specifications, or you can select from among items he has already created.  You can read about his work on our website.