Work By Local Artists

Black Dog Design, Inc. has expanded their business and their Joplin, AR, store to include art work from a number of artists in our area.  Through these pages, we hope to introduce you to the incredibly talented artisans in and around our community and their work.

The idea for this business expansion came from a desire to provide a venue to display and sell Jan’s own work with ceramics.

For each artist below, click on their name or on other links describing their work to learn more and to view photographs of their art.

Jan Copeland – Ceramics

Jan has been working with ceramics for many years, but she has only recently begun to create different and exciting ceramic “totems”, sculptures, and other items for sale.

Anita Bogard – Pastels Artist

Anita Bogard is a pastel artist from Hot Springs. While Anita is wonderful in any subject she chooses to tackle she is having the most fun when recreating photographs of animals.

Anita is happy to accept custom projects of your precious family pets and is even willing to take photos of your subject for you. We have many examples of her talents and the selection of choices available for your custom project.

Gigi Buhrow – Oils and Stained Glass

Gigi Buhrow is a Hot Springs artist who works with oils and stained glass.

Gigi enjoys many variations of these mediums. In the oils she paints everything from contemporary local signs to landscapes and a incredible series of goats.

Gigi does great work with stained glass and we hope to represent her in this medium soon.

Robert Cavanaugh – Metal Sculpture and Forged Items

Robert Cavanaugh is a multi-talented individual who has a small forge set up at his home in Pencil Bluff.

When this former university administrator and teacher-turned “Traildog” and artist is not working on or enjoying the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail or the Ouachita Trail, he is creating whimsical metal sculptures for your home or garden, and he forges a number of other useful items you will enjoy.

David Kimball – Custom Furniture

David is a talented Texan who relocated to Montgomery County several years ago and has developed a number of interests and skills along the way.  In addition to his participation on both the Joplin and Mount Ida Volunteer Fire Departments as both a firefighter and an EMT first responder, David raises bees, operates a wood kiln for drying lumber, is an accomplished photographer, and he helps various organizations with website design and implementation.

His current passion, custom furniture, grew from his wife’s desire for a unique kitchen table and stools.  Come by the store to see examples of David’s work.

Mary Ann Shaw – Photography

Mary Ann Shaw is a Mount Ida resident by way of Texas and enjoys the medium of photography.

Mary Ann’s passion is mother nature in the form of  flowers, water, sun, and wildlife. We have a wide variety of Mary Ann’s subjects on display in the Store.

Chuck Smith – Signs

Chuck Smith, a lifetime resident of Hot Springs, is a sign painter by trade. Chuck paints everything from signs for local businesses, the fun signs we have displayed in the store for your home or lake home, and serious landscapes in oil. Chuck is available to paint custom signs for you as well.

Chuck enjoys hiking and fishing in out-of-the-way parts of our beautiful State.

Tommy and Penny Walden – Artisan Soaps

Tommy and Penny Walden not only make goat milk soap with the milk they get from the goats that they raise, they also have a local organic farm from which they sell vegetables and the eggs from their chickens. They even sell the goat milk when it is not being used for soap or for all of the baby goats that seem to keep coming!

Their goat-milk soap is available in many different scents and blends.