Porch / Deck Enclosures / Shades

Black Dog Design, Inc., can help you design, and we can custom manufacture and install, a number of different types of porch or deck enclosures to both make your time in those spaces more comfortable year round, and to protect those spaces from the elements when you are away.

Enjoy the photographs of different solutions linked from this page.  We would be happy to discuss any of these with you to help you design the perfect enclosures and/or shades for your living spaces.

Porch and Deck Enclosures

The photographs seen by following the link above are examples of porch/deck enclosures using just fabric, or fabric and clear window material. Enclosures can be mounted inside or outside, depending on personal choice and situation.

Sun Shade and Privacy For Boats, Decks, and Docks

Shade material in various colors and densities can help make your porch, deck, dock space, or boat more comfortable when the sun is beating down.  Follow this link for details.